Passports to Success: Life Skills Program

Passports to Success

The Passports to Success (PTS) program is designed to give foster youth much needed life skills before they leave the system. The unique curriculum was created by Trinity Wallace-Ellis and Bryan Nash, former foster youth who understand the challenges these youth face. Noted child psychologist and foster care consultant, Dr. Greg Manning, also helps with the curriculum and facilitates the workshops.

Sadly, most foster youth are emancipated without the skills needed to function as independent adults. The statistics are dismal and the cost to these children and to society is immense as 80% of prison beds and 3 out of 10 homeless are former foster youth.

Passports to Success partners with companies to assist foster youthThe Eddie Nash Foundation partners with corporations and private sector organizations to teach the youth (ages 14-21) real life scenarios and lessons rather than using textbook theories. Our workshops have had speakers from Chick-fil- A teaching them to stand out in a job interview; JAMS (Judges and Mediators) Foundation teaching how to resolve conflict and stay out of the courts; and Union Bank providing insight on financial needs versus wants; and Wells Fargo Bank who facilitates a 3 part Financial Literacy Series that addresses Savings and Budgeting, Credit, and Resumes and Interviews.

Another critical component of the program is to have the foster youth learn side-by-side with a trusted adult. Those who attend without a caregiver are partnered with an Eddie Nash Foundation volunteer. These community volunteers come from all walks of life and bring support and experiences that give the foster youth fresh perspectives on adulthood.

IMG_8839The program enrolls 30 to 50 youth per session in order to maintain a one-on-one experience. Too often these youth become a mere number to the world. In PTS, each youth is treated as a highly valued individual.

Classes occur monthly and each workshop focuses on a specific topic.

ENF encourages local corporations and individuals to join us in this effort. If you are interested, please call 1-866-470-1888.



Developing My Educational Path

This session will give students who are experiencing foster care the opportunity to explore the various options and resources they have after high school and assist in developing their personal educational plan. Students will work in partnership with facilitators to create an educational plan that will put students on the path to achieving the educational and professional goals they will have set for themselves.

Career Planning

Mapping Your Future

In this workshop students will understand the significance of planning for their future career. Students will learn the difference between a job and a career. Through various assessments, career investigations, and strategies for success, this workshop will support students with building a foundation for their professional lives. Students will acquire tools to assist in building their skills to plan for their future.


Interview for Success

The general purpose for Employment: Interview for Success is to assist students in building their confidence and skills to get through a job interview successfully. This workshop will focus on preparing for an interview; which includes identifying skills, traits and strengths, researching the company students are applying with, and looking the part. Students will explore the “Dos & Don’ts” of dressing for success. This workshop will also emphasize the importance of first impressions, appearance, proper grooming, hygiene, accessorizing, etc. While this session is action packed, it has been written and planned with STUDENTS in mind, every step of the way.


Taking Care of Yourself from the Inside-Out

In this workshop students will work with facilitators to create a SELF-CARE PLAN that will lead to accomplished goals and success! This workshop will assist students in understanding the importance of Self-Care, stress management, coping skills, and identifying activities that will help in developing a Self-care Plan. Life can get busy, it can be stressful, and tough to balance all the responsibility that comes with transitioning into adulthood. In the busy-ness of it all, it is essential for students to prioritize their total WELLNESS.


Never Homeless, but HOPEFUL with a PLAN

This workshop will give students the opportunity to explore what housing options they have when planning for their transition into adulthood and assist students in developing a housing plan. In this workshop, students will work with facilitators to create a housing plan that will assist in helping them avoid homelessness. The goal is for students to feel HOPEFUL about their future and their ability to care for his/herself.

Financial Literacy

Understanding MONEY as a Tool for Personal Success

Students have dreams, hopes, plans, and goals, and they deserve to achieve them. Money has a role in accomplishing many of the goals students may have. Students’ goals may start as a dream, but with financial planning, determination, and support, students can make their dreams a reality. By understanding their money attitudes and values, students will have a greater relationship with money. This workshop will help students identify their goals, understand the role that money has in achieving their goals, and provide money management tips that will support the accomplishment of their goals.

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