passports-mentorOn November 16th 2013, our Passports To Success program on Financial Literacy was held at Santiago Canyon College.  Forty-seven foster youth signed up for the program to learn about how money works and doesn’t work in their lives. Trinity Wallace-Ellis, Dr. Greg Manning and Bryan “Eddie” Nash developed the impressive program.

Eric Black, award-winning comedian from Comedy Central, was the Keynote Speaker. He spoke with humor of his life story growing up in poverty and gangs and provided the foster youth with encouragement and inspiration. Will Warren, an Eddie Nash Foundation Board Member and Manager at a Union Bank branch, led them in an exercise in “Needs versus Wants” and they discussed the differences between debit and credit.  Our founder, Bryan Nash, shared his story of working hard and achieving financial stability.

Caregivers and mentors also attend the all day event to provide support and learn how to provide consistency to the messages delivered. While Trinity Wallace-Ellis works with the foster youth, Dr. Greg Manning discusses the concepts with the caregivers and mentors.  The foster youth were attentive and engaged as they learned another key tool to independence.