Mission Statement & Background

Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower foster youth, through collaborative efforts with community partners and creative programming, with the essential skills they need to live independent, productive lives once they are emancipated.


The Eddie Nash Foundation was founded in 2007 by Bryan “Eddie” Nash, a former foster youth who became successful in business and wanted to help other foster youth succeed. The foundation has three flagship programs:

Passports to Success, Life Skills Workshops: The foundation partners with community businesses to prepare foster youth aged 14-21 for successful emancipation.

The Tutoring Cafe: One-on-one tutoring is provided to help foster youth students achieve their academic goals.

Camp to Belong, Orange County: This camp reunites siblings living in separate foster care placements for an unforgettable week of togetherness and bonding.

All programs are funded exclusively by donations, fundraisers and grants. Operating expenses are kept at 18% of the budget and in keeping with his core belief that he is a steward of money donated for foster youth, Bryan Nash does not take a salary.